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Despatch industrial walk-in oven - ships in 6 weeks - Made in USA


The TA and TF Walk-In Ovens and Truck-In Ovens are designed for industrial process versatility and dependability. Typical applications include aging, bonding, curing, drying, baking, heat treating, annealing and stress-relieving. Despatch's industrial oven design, manufacturing, quality, and innovation ensures industrial ruggedness, excellent process control, and dependable operation. The TA industrial oven is ideal for applications involving tight tolerances that do not include the use of any flammable solvents or volatiles.

The TF Class A Walk-In Oven and Truck-In Oven is specifically designed to meet NFPA 86 requirements for applications that include flammable solvents or large amounts of moisture removal. These Class A ovens are complete with a pressure relief panel, purge timer, and exhaust fan.

Horizontal Airflow for Ultimate Temperature Uniformity

The TA and TF Walk-In Ovens and Truck-In Ovens use horizontal recirculating airflow to ensure uniform temperatures throughout the oven. A high-volume fan circulates air through perforated, aluminized steel walls to create a constant horizontal airflow across all sections of the oven.

Controls are Easy to Use

Improved controls are easy to use for both simple and complex applications. Single and multiple-temperature applications begin with the push of a button. Multiple temperature operations are controlled by up to eight programs, with eight ramp and soak segments in each program. Eye level controls are easy to read and operate.

Remote operation, programming and data logging

The Despatch Protocol Manager network utility software enables the operation of up to 32 Protocol 3™ and/or Protocol Plus controllers from a single, remote PC using RS485 communication.

More information on Protocol Manager Software

Shipped Fully Assembled and Factory Tested | Each oven is shipped fully assembled and wired to minimize installation time. Once the oven is in the place, simply make the electrical power connections and turn it on. Additionally, every oven receives a quality and performance test before shipment so you can count on a reliable start-up and performance consistency. .

Superior Quality | The Despatch TA and TF Walk-In Ovens and Truck-In Ovens feature a sturdy, welded, double-wall construction, five inches of glass fiber insulation, and heavy-duty high temperature door gaskets. Aluminized steel interior minimizes corrosion problems and provides long life.

TAD Spec SheetTAD Spec Sheet (52, 104 AND 216 CUBIC FT)

TFD Class A Spec SheetTFD Class A Spec Sheet (52, 104 AND 216 CUBIC ft)

TAD-TFD Spec SheetTAD/TFD3-48 and 3-96 Spec Sheet (476 and 952 cubic ft)

LFC1-38 Class A Spec SheetTAD/TFD Trucks Spec Sheet


Standard Features:
  • Temperatures up to 343℃ (650℉)
  • Fully assembled and factory tested
  • Protocol 3™ control with large LCD display, integrated data logging capabilities and USB port for simple oven set-up and data export
  • Audible high-limit alarm
  • Two-inch test access port
  • Aluminized steel interior
  • High volume recirculating fan provides faster, more uniform heating - saving process time and improving product quality
  • Disconnect switch
  • Plate floor with truck tracks
  • UL and C-UL listed open industrial control panel





  • Insulated floor with truck tracks
  • Despatch unique adjustable louvers
  • Loading trucks and shelves
  • Proportioning gas fired heater
  • Chart recorder
  • Rear doors
  • CE compliant
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